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Big Brother

Just like every morning, Aiden was up at the crack of dawn. Normally I like to be up before him, get a few things done before mommy-hood demands all my attention. This morning it was storming outside; and my 4 year old climbed in bed to snuggle. From the depths of his toddler brain (I could tell he was thinking about something) he turned to me.

“Mommy, I really love brother.”

“I know you do, you’re a really good big brother!”

“Yeah, even though he drives me crazy sometimes!”

I cuddled my boy a little closer knowing full well how much his little brother loves to test his patience!

“Yeah, he always breaks my buildings and hits me and stuff.”

“I know baby, we are working on using our words, right?”

“Yeah, he just drives me crazy!”

“I know honey, but you’re such a great big brother!”

“Yeah, I love him.”

“And, he loves you!”

“Yeah, do you want to hear Toothy’s roar now?”

The morning snuggles were over, my relaxing morning in bed had now transpired to a choir of different dinosaur roars from a stuffed animal. My life is complete.

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