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Our bedroom door slams open, and a whinny voice enters.

“Mommy…I need help! I just can’t do it.”
My eyes open ever so slightly. The bedroom is still dark.  Groggy from sleep I can barely make out the clock on the side of the bed.  Purchased with large big red numbers for this very reason.

“Mommy, I’ve been practicing allllllll morning.”  My four year old is standing inches from the side of the bed.  Arms flailing all over. My eyes just start to adjust.

“Mommy, I just can’t do it.” His arms are vigorously flying around. “I’ve been practicing quietly in my room forever. I need your help!  I just can’t juggle.  You need to get up and help me practice, okay?”

It is 5:40 A.M.

Up and at em’ ( is that the phrase? ) Our day has begun… where’s the coffee. Mama needs to learn how to juggle!


Perfection is a mug of coffee with Mickey stickers

6 thoughts on ““Quarentoddlers””

  1. Hopefully nothing was broken or spilled in the process of trying to learn juggling by oneself! Thank you for the smiles you have brought me today!

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  2. As usual your sense of humor and humorous outlook on life prevails. Keep on having fun. Our best times were when we had to do without. Like when we lived in the double wide trailer among tumbleweeds and coyotes and Our belongings in storage for 6 months. So we made a makeshift mini golf course in the double wide and painted rocks for our parking lot. And played soccer in the empty living room. Fun memories. Keep laughing and keep regaling us with those cute stories

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    1. We have to get through life by laughing! It makes everything worth it! Thank you for the kind words! Yes, I’m sure the times were tough (been there) but looking back on it we want our kids to see the learning aspect of it as well as great fun memories!


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