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Oh, Sweet Friday

  Oh, sweet Friday. How I hated this last Friday. It was a very bad day.


   Nolan had woken up at 4 AM with an upset stomach and his issues of such were all over his crib. After cleaning the bed, starting laundry, giving him a bath, and rubbing essential oils on his tummy, I pulled him in bed with me. Around 5:30 we finally fell asleep. 6 AM came rolling in with Aiden smiling ear to ear. He greets me every morning with the biggest smile, outstretched arms, and a big “Good morning, Mommy! How was your nap?” And this morning it had honestly felt like a nap. Nolan woke up – so excited to see his brother- and thus our day began. 

   The coffee pot was the first thing I turned on, of course. Followed by the radio for a morning dance party as we watered “Ya-Ya’s” enormous amount of flowers and plants around her house. I was house and dog sitting while my mom and step dad were on vacation. Three dogs, two kids, a house, a pool, and plants were my job for the next few days. (The plants being what I was most worried about…no green thumb over here!)  My Mom’s ginormous, clumsy English Sheep Dog, Obi, followed me as I watered all the potted plants around the pool; I avoided falling into the pool as the knucklehead zigzagged back and forth in front of me and behind.  He had been attached to my hip the whole week and was possibly just guarding me from the pool, but, it felt more like he was trying to push me in.  

   Aiden knew to avoid the pool and was playing in the yard when everything happened all at the same time; I swear it always does.  Nolan had started throwing garden rocks into the pool. I put the hose down as I went to scold him and take the other rocks out of his little fists.  Just then Aiden starts screaming from the yard. I scoop-up Nolan (he continues to throw three more stones into the pool over my shoulder) and I yell down to Aiden,

“What’s wrong?!”
“Oh, mommy. My foot is ruined!”
“What happened?!” I yelled as I try to avoid my magnet Obi and caught a tiki torch right in that good ol’ pinky toe. (You know the feeling. I hate when that happens!)
Aiden was on the ground holding his foot in the air. “I stepped in dog poop!”

   The moment I stepped foot into the grassy part of the yard I heard the splash. I spun around to face the pool when I heard a second splash. Who knows if he fell in, or jumped? But, the big ol’ 70+ lb. klutz-dog was in the pool spinning in circles in the middle of the deep end. My 30 lb. Cockapoo, Blake, had jumped in after him. Not to try to save Obi, of course, but to make sure he didn’t take his toy that had dropped in too. Now, Blake can swim – he loves the water. Obi, on the other hand, looked to be drowning! I placed Nolan down in the yard and dashed to the pool to guide Obi to the stairs. All of this happening as Aiden is screaming from the poop on his foot, and Nolan, being his fearless self had slowly started making his way to the diving board. Of Course.


   With both dogs out of the water, all poop cleaned off of Aiden’s feet, and the baby safe from trying to follow Obi’s lead into the deep end, I decided to move the party inside. After breakfast, and coffee of course, I decided we needed to try something different. I wasn’t about to spend that beautiful day inside, but I had had enough of the pool for the day so …“Boys, let’s go out and give Mommy’s car a bath!”

   Such a good idea in theory. Nolan cried because he didn’t like getting wet from the hose, and Aiden was upset because I wouldn’t let him spray his brother with the hose. After Aiden started getting emotional with me vacuuming up his old snacks from the floor of the car, I decided this all proved to be too much work. It was getting hot out, and we needed to move the party back inside. Aiden settled on playing with worms, while Nolan threw rocks around in the garden (what is it with this boy and rocks?) while I started cleaning up all of the car wash items. The process of set up and clean up took the majority of my time of our “car wash”  escapade. 

   When we finally worked our way inside I was surprised to see we had spent much longer outside than I had thought.  It was already past nap time and the boys were getting hangry like their Mama. I scrambled together a quick lunch of randomness. After they finished eating I promised they could finish the last 10 minutes of the cartoon they were watching so that I could slip out and pull the car back into the garage. Yep, you guessed it, my 2-year-old car wouldn’t start. Service lights were flashing about the parking brake, and the engine light was on, and I just sat there and said “Of course!”   

   I called my older brothers and took their advice that it was probably something with the battery. I then called AAA and was told they would be at the house in about 30-40 min to jump my vehicle. Oh, did I mention that Aiden came out to the garage to see what I was doing – let

all three dogs out – and Annie, the epitome of a “Bitch”, decided to take off and give herself a walk around and around the cul-de-sac? Yup!


   After returning the “Bitch” and her two-other escapees to the house, both boys went down for their naps without a fight. And, as I finished cleaning up our little lunch buffet, I received a text saying AAA would be there within 15 min. I sat down for the first time that day and enjoyed the silence as Obi rested his large head on my lap, Annie and Blake at my feet, and I sipped on my triple-reheated first cup of coffee. AAA arrived within 3 minutes of the text. Of course.

   I walked out to meet the truck as it arrived, so as to avoid having the boys waking by our barking zoo we had in the house. The driver was an older gentleman, who barely made eye contact. (probably ‘cause this mama looked a hot mess.) He jumped my car and started heading back to his truck.
“I wouldn’t turn it off,” he told me. No eye contact. 
“Excuse me?” I was confused.
“This is a new car, there may be something wrong with the battery. I wouldn’t turn it off and would take it right to a garage to have it checked if I were you.” 
“Of course,” my mantra for the day.

   I called the dealer down the road. They had an opening, and advised the same thing. Have you ever woken an exhausted child from a nap? A short 30-minute nap might I add? I advise you never to do so.  It’s no fun and requires a lot of promises of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and screen time.  

“Should only take 30, 45 minutes, max,” the guy told me as he walked off with my keys.  My two tired boys and I sat in a small waiting room at the dealership and watched Willie Wonka. This of course didn’t last long. Nolan, my explorer (as you might have guessed from the diving board incident) was already running the halls, and Aiden was trying to big brother and chase him – which, of course, turned into a game.  The over-exhaustion had kicked in and the boys were antsy.   


   I entertained with Patty-Cake games, coloring funny faces with my pen on an old magazine in the waiting room, and we even made airplanes to fly down the now deserted hall.  “45 minutes max” slowly became a 2 1⁄2 hour wait.  I was thankful for the FreeForm channel as Toy Story started and the last few minutes was made a little easier with cuddles, a cowboy and a spaceman. At 6 o’clock we were finally set to go, and my little men were hungry. I had promised Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready pizza (thanks to the many “pizza pizza” commercials that popped on while we waited at the dealership). When we arrived there was a long line. More waiting. Of course.

  The second to last pizza on the shelf, thankfully, became ours. The three of us ate our pizza as the three dogs ate their bowls of dog food right along with us. Nolan’s blinks became slow, so I quickly washed him up and tucked him into bed. Praying he would get a good night’s rest this time. It had been a very busy day for my littlest man.  

   Aiden and I got ready for bed and cuddled on the couch for his promised episode of old school Scooby Doo before bed. I was exhausted from the day. It had been a very bad day. Starting with no sleep, all the drama poolside, saving a drowning dog, ending with an old Hot-N-Ready pizza that had probably been “ready” to eat at the time we had arrived at the car dealership at 3:30. I was drained. I started my mind numbing scrolling of social media as Scooby and the gang explored a mystery island in the Bermuda Triangle. Then my Aiden turned away from his beloved show and started stroking my cheek. He looked at me and fondly said, 

“I’m proud of you Mommy. You’re such a good Mommy.” 

   The tears came faster than you could even imagine.  I cuddled up to my sweet-souled three-year-old and kissed him on his head. “I love you, Mommy,” he said, as he turned back to the TV.  That night I left my phone off as we cuddled and watched the Mystery Machine head to solve one extra mystery.

Oh, sweet Friday. How I loved this last Friday. It was the greatest bad day there ever was.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Sweet Friday”

  1. You’re a wonderful mommy and I love your stories as these are true and life happens with or without kids!! You make me proud and you’re attacking life as it comes!! Love ya girl!! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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